About Us


Here is Crina, the mother of a little flower named Iris, who is our master and an inspiration every day.

Our first trip by plane was in December, when our little flower was about 9 months old, and after many struggles, debates and searching for that perfect destination. I felt the need to research a lot, to see what other mothers did, what they faced, what insurances they took, what pills they had with them, in what type of food container they took on the plane, what they put in their hand luggage.

However, knowing that there is a trend with memorising the flight of the babies, I also looked for a flight book f, but the only option I found then was that of a pilot, difficult to understand and fill in, with technical terms and an ugly format.
Maybe you're thinking why I didn't choose a mobile application? I told myself that our little girl will use the book at least 10 years from now, that she will have a memory of the pilot's signature from each trip, and she will be more and more determined to travel, to follow on the map where she has been, and how many km he did in a year.

Well, since I couldn't find this book, I decided to create one that would hold tightly all the memories I didn't want to lose.

Let’s have a flight book full of memories!